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For Leasing / Any enquiries about Nbb Workers city Please Contact 
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The MOJUMAAT(Nbb Workers Residential City) is housing accommodations for laborers available for leasing to both the private and government sectors. It is located 60 kilometer west of Abu Dhabi city, of an area of 122,500 square meters, and constructed to accommodate nearly 30,000 people.


The City has been designed based on up to date engineering criteria to accommodate the occupant needs and requirements and to form one well established and healthy unit.


Into the following :

• Residential Buildings
• Commercial Buildings
• Service Buildings

Labor Accommodations

Residential Buildings

Resedential Block nbb workers city
  • The City’s Labor Accommodations consist of 16 three storey buildings with a total of 2,304 rooms.
  • Each floor is divided into 4 wings with 12 rooms with a floor area of 30m2 in each room. It has a central wet block area that consists of toilet, wash areas showers, electrical rooms and garbage room.
  • Each room has a capacity for 10 occupants

Supervisors and Technician Suites

Residential Buildings

Supervisor Block Buildings with attached Bathroom and Kitchen
  • The City’s Supervisor and Technician Accommodations consist of 8 three storey building with a total of 504 studio units.
  • Each building consists of 63 studio unit with a floor area of 53 m2 that includes a toilet and a kitchen area.
  • Each studio has a capacity for 8 occupants.

Kitchen and Mess Hall

The City operates a full-fledged kitchen with the capacity to cater to the needs of 30,000 residents. Our menu includes a wide array of Arabic, Asian and western cuisine that are at par with international standards.


To address the resident’s health concerns, the City includes a clinic. The clinic will be operated and managed by one of the leading hospitals in Abu Dhabi. Aside from attending to the resident’s health concerns, the clinic also has dental, pharmaceutical and ambulatory services.

Recreation Centre

The recreational area is composed of a 1500 m2 at the ground floor. It consists of playgrounds for playing football, handball, basketball, etc.

Shopping Malls

Shopping Mall has many stores with supermarkets and hypermarkets. it has everything from small boutiques to international shopping brands.


A professional and modern laundry service will be made available to the City’s residents.


This is to provide the residents a place of worship to fulfill their spiritual needs.

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